First Comes Love, Then Comes A Pinterest Board

We’re witnessing a new wave in wedding history folks.

A few weeks ago I got a call from my sister. “Great news, I’m engaged”, she said. I was excited, she and her fiance’ were excited, life was good. Like many people I know who are newly engaged, she said they had a lot of time to plan, so they weren’t in any hurry.

A few days later, a Pinterest board began. After a couple of tounge-in-cheek camo-inspired pins to her board, I noticed a lot of really cool ideas on her wedding board. And then I saw a ton of other people starting wedding boards, and then I had multiple conversations with old friends about how much we wished Pinterest had been around when we were planning our weddings.

Brides to be unite! You have it so much easier than us old bags did!

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Nectar Tasting Room Tweetup Recap

This post is a couple of days overdue, but that is pretty much my MO these days.

Fantastic turnout at this Tweetup. I can say with confidence that it is the largest geographically-based tweetup I’ve ever been to. And of course the company was fantastic! The Nectar Tasting Room was the perfect spot for this event and Josh spoiled us with great wine deals all night long.

Here is the Tweetup sign-up page where you can see who attended and get to know them a little better before the next event.

@AllyShoshana had a great write-up about the event on the Design Spike Blog, and I took her advice and added the INWTweetups blogs to my blogroll on the right side of this blog. Hopefully you can lean more about some of the folks who attended and join us at the next Tweetup which looks like it will be sometime in January.

Design Spike

Queen Narcissa


Sweet and Stout

Nectar Wine

To stay in touch you should also think about joining Social Media Club Spokane and follow @SMCSpokane on Twitter to learn about upcoming events.

Posing with one of our our fearless leaders, @lkissler who dressed up (or down?) for the occasion.

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This Would Have Been A Fun Week To Work In The WSU Athletic Department

Since the announcement of WSU’s holding a press conference to announce the status of the head football coaching job at Washington State University, I had a feeling there would be some buzz about WSU football online. What I could never have guessed was what Bill Moos had up his sleeve, or how much mileage they would be able to get out of it.

Since the announcement of Mike Leach as WSU’s new head football coach I’ve seen the following (and I’m sure I’m missing many more key highlights).

  • Mike Leach trending on Twitter in the U.S.
  • 350 new season tickets sold and over $170,000 in new pledged donations in 36 hours following the announcement.
  • As of midday 12/7: Nearly 1,000 new season tickets sold and over $350,000 in new donations to the Cougar Athletic Fund.
  • Pirate images, Leach YouTube videos, etc., etc. filling in my news feeds on Twitter and Facebook.
  • In fact, this doctored WSU pirate video has already amassed over 14,000 views.

I don’t know anybody working on social at WSU, but as an outsider I feel comfortable saying they’ve done a great job of using social media as a channel for news regarding their new coach, and let fans fun with it. Isn’t it nice to have others keep the buzz going for you? Isn’t it great to have already established these channels of communication for your time to shine?

Just today I stumbled upon this Hire Mike Leach Facebook page started by fans. And don’t forget to follow Cody Moore on Twitter, who will be donating $1 to WSU Athletics for every new follower.

The first appeal I saw for Athletic Foundation donations wasn’t from WSU, rather a fake twitter account set-up by someone posing as AD Bill Moos. I knew it was fake, but I didn’t care. I was prompted to login and make sure I was a part of the foundation.

This stuff works.

The execution of this announcement doesn’t seem like it could have been planned any better. Moving quickly to announce a high-profile coach pre-bowl season got WSU football the center stage. Another press conference Tuesday welcoming the Leach family to Pullman (where fans were actually turned away because of a full venue) kept the buzz going, and donations and ticket sales flowing. I also couldn’t help but notice very well-timed endorsements from notable Cougar football players and a number coaches praising Leach. The media were hungry for ways to cover this story, and they got them. The buzz continues online and off.

There was no fancy Facebook contest or landing page, an approved hastag sent out by WSU Athletics, or a repetitive email campaign barraging WSU fans. They timed things pretty close to perfectly and were able to see immediate results form their activities due to the nature of social media and good old fashioned word of mouth.

And now they are staying on message. This example from an online chat Bill Moose participated in on The Seattle Times website is as good of an example as any. Anyone following Cougar Athletics will be hearing this at every event they attend.

I hope a WSU student is writing a case study on this one for their PR class.

Here are some ways to take part in the excitement:

Follow WSU Athletics on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow Coach Leach on Twitter.

Also keep an eye on the hashtag #gocougs on Twitter. You’ll be sure to find a lot of fans sharing your excitement.

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Spotlight On Enlighten Northwest

There’s a new online community in town! Enlighten Northwest is designed to provide health and wellness resources to people interested in more than just conventional medicine. With a mission of providing the Inland Northwest with the resources needed to create a wellness way of life that fits each person individually, this free resource offers online resources from local practitioners that are interesting and easy to understand.

And to help spread the word to the masses on Facebook they are giving away a free massage. Check them out at and don’t forget to like them on Facebook so you are entered to win!

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Facebook Deals

I feel a little lame admitting this, but I made my first purchase on Facebook yesterday. For some reason I felt “late to the party” since so many companies have been using apps to start driving purchases on Facebook versus driving people to their own website, but when I took an informal poll I realized it was a lot harder to find folks who have made purchases on Facebook than I thought it would be.

So, today I thought I would share just how it works.

Here’s what drove me to my purchasing decision. The Nectar Tasting Room. Not only do I love Josh and everyone at Nectar, but when I saw this deal I realized it was a great gift (no shortage of wine lovers on my list this year), and it was a way for me to shop local and share one of my favorite places with friends and family. Oh, and it was a Deal!

Nectar used the Wildfire app, which is fantastic and I think is one of the best around. Here they list the deal elegantly, and the transaction is completed using PayPal. A minimum number of deals has to be sold in order for customers to receive it, and your credit card is not charged until this minimum is met. Here’s why I love this.

  1. It made me buy an extra deal just because I really wanted it to happen.
  2. It encourages visitors to share their deal with others (I shared it more than I have shared any of my online purchases to date in fact).

It’s all pretty simple really. Check this out for yourself by visiting the Nectar Tasting Room’s Facebook page.

Happy shopping!

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OPERATION: Hire Laural

How do you compete in a competitive job market? One Seattle woman has been using social media to help move the needle a little more in her favor for a digital marketing position for the Seattle Mariners. Laurel Trujillo has been using her Operation: Hire Laurel Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the attention of the Mariners hiring managers.

And it seems to be working.

So far she has not only gotten the attention of the Seattle Mariners, but also been featured on Komo TV, and gotten a job interview.

…and you thought your LinkedIn profile was all you could update to help your job hunt.

Check out Laural on Facebook and Twitter for some good evidence of how people are using social media to get them where they want to be.

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It’s Not Me, It’s You–The Time Has Come To Unfriend

Last week I was hanging out with my Dad and Uncle Jim at the doughnut shop, and they were picking my brain about social media. Naturally for these two retirees, the most important part of the conversation was how they could get rid of some of the annoying updates they get from their Facebook friends.

How do you break up with someone on Facebook without them knowing?

One word.


No, they won’t get a notification that you did this.

No, you really shouldn’t care if they notice.

Yes, it has been right in front of your face and is really easy.

But we all kindof care, or else we wouldn’t stay friends with people from high school who post photos of us and tag them for the world to see.

So here’s how it works.

Go to your annoying friends Facebook page. At the top right hover over the “Friends” button. A drop-down will appear. Then click unfriend.

Blammo– done.

But there’s more!

If you still want to be friends but are just getting sick and tired of someone’s baby pictures, party pictures, political posts, social media blog posts…you get the idea…there is a way you can get rid of those status updates and remain friends.


Next to the “Friends” button, hover over “Subscribed” and click “Unsubscribe”. As you can see there are some other options, so go crazy!

Now since this is Facebook, the information in my post will be obsolete in a couple of months because they will change where the settings are located- so get to it before its too late!

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