Foursquare How-To’s: Part 2

01 Nov

A couple weeks ago I gave a short intro to foursquare, and today I thought I’d follow it up with a little vocab lesson.

Badges: One of the most fun parts of foursquare, badges are earned by completing tasks. For example, you can receive the “I’m On A Boat” badge by checking into a location that the person setting it up indicated was near water, or you can receive the highly coveted Swarm badge if you check into a venue where over 50 other users have checked in to (say a baseball game or a conference center).

After you sign-up for a foursquare account and check-in to a venue you should get the Newbie badge to get you started.

Mayorship: While I don’t know the exact formula foursquare uses to determine who the mayor of each location is, I do know that the person who checks in the most regularly typically receives that venue’s  mayorship. Recently foursquare added a feature that tells you how many days away you are from becoming the mayor of a venue when you check in.

Pings: This is a setting you can check for each of your foursquare friends if you want to receive a message to your foursquare (basically a popup on your iPhone or other mobile device) each time that friend checks in. I like foursquare as much as the next girl, but I don’t need to know where my friends are at all times, so I don’t have pings set-up for any of my friends.

Friends: You don’t have to have friends on foursquare to have fun with it. If you do have friends, when you login you can see where they’ve been recently as well as their point totals for the week. As I mentioned above you can also set-up pings to see whenever they checkin.

Next week I’m going to follow-up this post with a few examples of how you can use foursquare to build community. For a sneak peek, check out this post about the time I participated in a foursquare scavenger hunt at the U of O.

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