Checking-In On Holiday Shopping

07 Dec

By now you all know of my obsession with Foursquare. This week I saw a short story on Mashable detailing stores that received the most Foursquare chick-ins, so I figured that was enough of an excuse for me to give you the scoop on places offering deals for people checking-in on Foursquare.

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Here’s a link to the Mashable article. No surprise here- Target tops the list of places people checked-in.

At the Spokane Valley Mall I noticed a few places offering discounts to people showing they’d checked-in at checkout (now say that 5 times fast).

JC Penny gives people who check-in $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more, Precision Time gives you a free watch cleaning upon your first check-in, and American Eagle is offering 15% off purchases when checking-in.

Not a widely-used discounting tool, but still enough of one that its worth opening up the application on your phone when you’re out shopping so you can see if anything is offered where you’re planning on shopping anyway.

..and now I’ll go back to mulling over my Christmas that seems to be getting longer instead of shorter.

Happy shopping!

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