Checking-In On Foursquare This Holiday Season- Part 2

21 Dec

I’ve been trying to be extra-diligent about checking-in on foursquare while doing my holiday shopping this year. Since I am new to the Spokane area, I didn’t know what stores and restaurants had specials, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a few at the Spokane Valley Mall, which I wrote about in an earlier post. Last week I found myself downtown multiple times, and while I wasn’t able to snag any mayorships in between finding the perfect Christmas gifts for my loved ones, I did snag a couple good deals. Bath and Body Works is offering Buy 3 get 3 free on any of their signature products. I’d assume this deal is at all of their locations, although I can only vouch for Riverpark Square. Ben & Jerry’s also offers 3 scoops for $3. They were nice enough to let me snag this deal even though I was already purchasing ice cream on a gift card I won as part of their Facebook promotion with Mobius Kids. Thank you Ben & Jerry’s! Head on over to their Facebook page and give em’ a like so you have the inside scoop on upcoming promotions.

All-in-all, not a whole lot of deals to be had from foursquare this year, but enough to keep me satisfied for now. We’ll see what happens for them in 2011.

Today foursquare announced some new changes to its platform, including the ability to upload photos and comments within the platform. While I’m sure these additions will make the service more “social”, and give them a bump in activity, I’m not ready to call them the winner of the mobile check-in game. The customer-review site Yelp recently announced some additions, specifically for the iPad that make their service more robust (for the record they have check-ins also).

What do you think? Do you see yourself using either of these services more regularly in 2011?

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